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Melissa Jones is a widely recognized and published Architectural Designer & Photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. Her services are available throughout the United States.

Melissa is well-known for her energy and enthusiasm. She infuses each project with her own brand of pizzazz using her expertise as a visual designer with a lifelong passion for art, architecture, travel, and photography. 

Having career backgrounds in visual arts and education her true passion is revealing and communicating the stylistic expression and aesthetics in each unique architectural design. Melissa is known by her clients as Ms. Creative, with a keen eye for attention to detail and seeking avenues of expression. She creates distinctive designs with each drawing or imagery she produces of a buildings design. 

Ambitious and versatile, Melissa works on commercial, advertising, and hospitality projects throughout the  country. An artist with a deep passion for architecture and design she is devoted and commited to providing excellence in her field and partnering with you from the first sketch to the final completion of your design project.


"Let's meet"

Email:       Phone:  612-735-8319

PO Box 44864 Eden Prairie MN 55344

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