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I'm Melissa Jones a published 20 years seasoned expert commercial architectural photographer in Minneapolis.

"Created are artistic photographs that communicate more than just basic information. The compositions strive to reveal the intent of the designer, interpreting their work into a two dimensional image that accurately conveys a specified feeling. Each image has attention to detail, and carries the integrity of the moment.  

Each client is important and I will embrace your project with enthusiasm and a devoted professionalism.        

I'm easy to work with, and fun to be around.

As an experienced 20 year photographer I apply creative vision and advanced skills to commercial projects including buildings, products, and advertising items. My photography encompasses commercial buildings, retail spaces, education, healthcare, industrial, religion, recreation, retail, hospitality; products and advertising specialties. Services are used by advertising agencies, publishers, magazines, manufactures, architects, builders, construction companies, contractors,  retailers, restaurants, and hospitality with their photography advertising needs.

I photograph project designs to stun. Executing each shot with expertise and empathy, plus done with passion and steadfast attention to detail.  

With my photography I have a comprehensive expertise, I distinguish a projects outstanding aspects, and then capture visually impressive images that best illustrate what the client wishes to show about the architecture, interior.

I see myself as a visual translator, taking time and care to understand my clients needs and articulate them through the imagery.

Your projects are important to me, and I strive to excel at your expectations, service and results; plus a business client relationship. I make the whole experience run smooth and on time, from location scouting in the beginning through post-processing and communication. 

Please contact me, as I'd be glad to have a meeting with you about working with you on your projects.

""Let me help expand your branding!"


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