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Commercial architectural photography since 2001. 

Melissa is owner of Dimensions Images. With 20+ years of experience in architecture, interior design, art pieces, construction and visual media applications; corresponds directly to her spatial artistry recognition. Her unique intuitiveness plus empathetic perspective – transcends into knowing how people function in spaces. In her youth years she encountered people that were in abusive environments. Seeing the devastating effects upon them as a person; and at that time the state of Iowa had a law that there was only 3 years allowed to turn in perpetrators.  After providing counseling to victims Melissa knew that this law needed changed. Going through the appropriate authorities with compelling evidence, and making it real; therefore she successfully changed the law to 5 years. She has learned that our lives journey is deeply impacted by a building design and environment, that we place ourselves in; and well being of our lives.  Melissa understands how spaces can instill feelings of positivity, functionality, inspiring, motivating, life reinforcing, and even deeper – healing. Her roots are from youth and up in a family business of renovating buildings and resale; thus design insight transpired naturally. Melissa’s educating and visual media expressions truly shows an engagement of spaces. She is known for her joyfulness, energy, empathy, and attentiveness. Even a recent experience entailed visiting a design vendor; as Melissa collaborated with an associate – and went into precise details of how this specific room design & furnishings triggered a healthy mental response. Then realizing how she just rambled off again…what she is commonly known for…Ms. detail & creative. The associate commented “where have you been”. 


She has achieved many of accomplishments from  Art Shows: 2019  Modern Art Exhibit, Art4U, Parkville, MO | 2018 Abstract Art Show, 2010 Gallery, Prairie Village, KS. Publication: 2003  Light Years Photography Book |1998 Graphic Design, The Figure Skating Club, Jackson, MS | 1997 Graphic Design for University of Mississippi Medical Center; AirCare Flight Team Badge | Publication: 1985 Iowa Publications; Counseling of Abused Victims, Graphic Book Cover; Title of piece: Healing.

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